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Joe Biden fiercely supports policies that ensure we and our LiUNA brothers and sisters can achieve and preserve a working-class life for ourselves and our families. Joe Biden is one of us – he has been side-by-side with LiUNA members for every battle we have faced – especially here in the Eastern Region as US Senator for Delaware for 36 years.

Your union wages are at stake. Joe Biden supports prevailing wage and Davis Bacon Laws.

Trump administration appointees are now pushing a plan to change the way Davis-Bacon rates are calculated, shifting from the current survey to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Wage Data. In a second term, Trump appointees could immediately impose this change without an act of Congress.


Prevailing Wage Rage (Current rate)

BLS Highway Rate
(Trump admin rate)

Wages and Benefits Difference


New York City















Joe Biden will aggressively enforce prevailing wage laws and ensure that we are not short-changed of our hard-earned pay.

  • Biden is committed to protecting prevailing wages on all federal construction, so that pay and benefits for construction workers are not undermined by irresponsible contractors and unskilled workers.
  • Biden will enforce and protect the Davis-Bacon Act and he will make sure that the officials he appoints will keep labor standards high on public construction projects.
  • He plans to invest in communities by widely applying and strictly enforcing prevailing wages and shares LIUNA’s belief that the prevailing wage is an essential mechanism for securing middle class jobs.


Joe Biden will punish employers who violate labor laws, participate in wage theft, or misclassify employees as independent contractors.

  • Biden will build on efforts by the Obama-Biden Administration to dramatically reduce worker misclassification, a practice which non-union contractors use to lower pay and standards on construction job sites.
  • He will fund a dramatic increase in the number of labor enforcement investigators to launch a large-scale anti-misclassification effort.
  • Biden will implement a federal debarment policy for all employers who illegally oppose unions.


Joe Biden will ensure that all workers are treated with dignity and receive the pay, benefits and workplace protections they deserve.

  • Biden will restore the Obama-Biden Administration’s Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces executive order, which Trump revoked, requiring employers’ compliance with labor and employment laws be taken into account in determining whether they are sufficiently responsible to be entrusted with federal contracts.
  • Biden will create a working group, which will include representatives from labor, to deliver a plan to dramatically increase union density and address economic inequality within his first 100 days in office.
  • He will also expand protections for all workers who report labor violations.

Your union job is at stake. Joe Biden has a real plan for infrastructure investment.

Joe Biden wants to put us to work. In fact, Biden has said that investment in high-speed rail will start in our region – the Northeast Corridor – and that he will build rail in conjunction with a new, safer Hudson River Tunnel.

Joe Biden has a real, $2 trillion investment plan to rebuild America’s infrastructure.

  • Biden is calling for a robust infrastructure plan that creates millions of good, union jobs rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure—from roads and bridges and water systems to electricity grids and universal broadband—and he will get the plan to the finish line.
  • His plan will upgrade 4 million buildings and 2 million homes over 4 years and invest in the building of 1.5 million sustainable homes and housing units.
  • Biden is committed to stabilizing the Highway Trust Fund and fully investing in our roads and bridges.


Joe Biden supports LIUNA energy work across all sectors—including natural gas and nuclear energy.

  • Biden supports LIUNA work in the natural gas and nuclear industries and has proposed a $400 billion investment in energy that will create thousands of jobs.
  • He will push for more investment in clean energy jobs that include high labor standards and put LIUNA members to work in the renewable industry.
  • His plan will also spur investment in LIUNA work remediating, reclaiming and restoring oil and gas wells.


Joe Biden is committed to rebuilding our economy with strong labor standards and union workers.

  • Biden will make sure that all infrastructure investments include prevailing wages and protect labor agreements and under the Biden Administration we will never be threatened with the weakening of our prevailing wages.
  • He will continue to work for passage of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, card check, union and bargaining rights for public service workers.
  • Biden has committed to tough enforcement to end the misclassification of workers as independent contractors.

Your union quality of life is at stake. Joe Biden will protect unions and the rights of all working people.

Joe Biden has always been a friend to working men and women. He cares about labor and he cares about LIUNA.

Joe Biden will be tough on union-busting employers and contractors who steal wages.

  • Biden’s Administration will have the guts to push employers bargaining in bad faith back to the negotiating table and pay penalties for the time the company stalled negotiations.
  • He plans to implement a debarment policy for union-busters and employers who violate labor standards or engage in wage theft.
  • As president, Biden will empower OSHA to improve jobsite safety by reinstating critical protections eliminated under the Trump Administration, improving workplace injury reporting and expanding investigation and safety enforcement efforts.


Joe Biden has a long-standing commitment to fighting for working-class and union rights.

  • Biden was one of the original co-sponsors of the Employee Free Choice Act, which would have made it easier for workers to unionize through card-check.
  • He supports the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act and as president, Biden will sign the PRO Act into law.
  • As a Senator and as Vice President during the Obama-Biden Administration, Biden has supported pro-worker appointees to the National Labor Relations Board and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Your union retirement security is at stake. Joe Biden supports pension funds that have allowed generations of Laborers to retire with dignity.

Joe Biden will preserve pension funds that have allowed generators to retire in dignity.

  • Biden will push Congress to enact legislation to help shore up public and private pension funds and help distressed funds.
  • He calls for an elimination of penalties for retirement benefits that unfairly punish public-sector workers.
  • Biden is committed to strengthening our multi-employer pension plans.


Joe Biden will protect and increase social security benefits for those retirees most in need.

  • Biden will put Social Security on a path to long term solvency by asking Americans with especially high wages to pay the same taxes which middle-class families pay.
  • He plans to increase benefits for retirees who due to low lifetime wages have very little retirement savings.
  • Workers who put in 30 years of work would be guaranteed a benefit equal to at least 125% of the federal poverty level.
  • Biden will never play politics with funding for the Social Security Benefits.