New Jersey

Prevailing Wage and Davis Bacon Laws

  • It is about publicly financed construction projects.
  • It is about making fair profit margins and productivity the drivers of competitive bidding, NOT who can exploit workers the most.
  • It strengthens and stabilizes the construction industry.
  • It leads to higher quality construction.
  • It protects workers (both their paychecks and their safety and health).


Think About It!

Government sets a minimum wage for the most basic of work.  Why shouldn’t we also have a minimum wage for the skilled professionals who build our schools, our roads, all of our public infrastructure?

That is all a prevailing wage is. It is the fair, government-regulated minimum wage that EVERY employer must pay its employees for publicly-funded construction projects.

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Project Labor Agreements

PLAs Are All About Harmony

  • They standardize the work rules across all the building trades on a job site.
  • They provide unions, including LIUNA, a chance to negotiate member wages and benefits—before the job starts—so there are no surprises.
  • They provide owners and contractors with a stable and highly skilled workforce, so they can focus on getting the job done on-time & on-budget.
  • They strengthen and stabilize the construction industry.


Think About It!

No two construction jobs are exactly alike, and no two building trades have exactly the same rules for their members. When it comes to planning a big, complex construction job, like a North Jersey or New York City high-rise, these small differences can lead to big headaches for owners, contractors and local unions.

Enter the Project Labor Agreement (PLA): a negotiation tool that unions and management use to standardize all the rules of a specific job before work begins.

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